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About Our Services

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Direct Hire

Centillion Infotech consistently gives top-level direct hires to the clients. When our clients are looking for top ability for their most elevated need positions, we are here to provide them the top talent according to their business. As technology keeps on driving constant stage, it is a higher priority to work with the right people who will help to beat the opposition. We just connect the right talent with the brightest companies. We will not simply provide you the best candidates for your business, on a long-term basis we will be an augmentation of your business.

Senior and Middle level hiring

Centillion Infotech helps organizations in senior-level and mid-level recruiting by finding prospective candidates who have the necessary potential and right ability to confront challenges and take up more responsibilities later. Such devoted and effective pioneers would assist the organizations to be in a competitively worthwhile position. We follow a unique interaction of different sources and subsequently, we discover it quite simple to source the right talent. Our attention to execution and quality-based delivery gives us an edge in our work.

Talent Acquisition

At Centillion Infotech, we discover talent to fit your business. Our talent acquisition experts are skilled in how to enlist top ability, sustaining long-term connections, proactively assembling candidate pipelines to meet current and future business needs, talent assessment, and hiring standards. We have developed our own recruitment training, talent software platform, and network of recruitment professionals. As a trusted and proven IT Staffing company, we work hard to ensure your requirements are met with speed, quality, and greatness.

Contract Staffing

At Centillion Infotech, our single aim is to provide the right candidate at the right time, and at the right place. We glad that we increase our client's expectations by quickly sourcing proven talent to their projects. Regardless of what sort of skills, aptitude, etc... our clients have demanded, we keep everything to us from the start of the process and end up giving them the desired outcomes. Our experienced contract staffing recruiters consistently have faith in the quality and dedicated to providing the best contract staffing services.

IT Services

We endure partnerships with organizations that need to quickly respond to change and scale rapidly in a competitive market. Our Service offerings include Cloud Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining, Automation, etc. From managing IT services to technology advancement, our devoted group assists your business to be always accessible. We offer comprehensive assistance to ensure that you get precisely what you need to redefine your business.